Social Media Keeps Talis Advisors Connected to Community and Clients

Talis Advisors

Talis Advisors, a Plano-based wealth management firm, appreciates the evolution of client communication and utilizes social media to stay connected. They understand that each social media vehicle provides a different format and arena, and based on this, they try to customize their message accordingly. In doing so, they are able to maintain an ongoing dialogue with their community.

“We look at each platform and the way people interact with them,” said Gina Aldaz, Marketing Director at Talis Advisors. “We use Twitter as our breaking news tool, Facebook as our vehicle for lighter content such as events and interesting news items, and focus our industry-related items on LinkedIn.”

The Talis team puts an emphasis on content, which has allowed them to regularly post and share industry and business-related information. This content is also utilized in their newsletter and on their website. “The key is being strategic about creating and sharing your content,” said Brent Everett, Talis Advisors Chief Investment Officer. “This process allows you to focus your efforts in a meaningful way. We all know there are only so many hours in the day.”

Operating as a regulated firm in the financial space requires a focus on compliance. In order to comply with SEC guidance, Talis must archive all of their posts. They utilize Archive Social for this service.

“Archive Social has been a great partner and allowed us leverage social media knowing our activity is being archived for us,” Everett said. “We produce a large volume of social media content on multiple platforms, so it would be a substantial effort to manage this on our own.”

Talis continues to explore ways to utilize social media and will be looking into some less obvious social media such as YouTube in the upcoming months. “We need to make sure we are always thinking ahead and understanding where our audience resides in the digital space,” Everett said.