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2020’s Crucial Conversations: Actionable Tips for Public Communicators

Your role as a government communicator has always been challenging, especially when dealing with the 24/7 nature of social media, and now, 2020 has presented even more difficult situations that affect you not only professionally but personally. Widespread unrest, racial inequality and COVID-19 are just some of the issues that have amplified the challenges you’re facing, with emotions often running strong. Communicators are feeling overwhelmed, burnt out, under-resourced and they are looking for support and help.
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About the Speakers

kristy dalton
Kristy Dalton is founder and CEO of Government Social Media, the nation’s largest network of government social media professionals and leading social media resource for socialgov. She began her government career as a deputy clerk in 2001 and subsequently served in government public information roles. In 2008, she launched the first social media presence for the City of Reno, NV when government agencies were just beginning to explore social media. Kristy authored the first Social Media for Government course for the LinkedIn Learning platform, and is the executive director of the Government Social Media professional association.
ray carey
Ray Carey is CEO of ArchiveSocial, the world’s leading provider of social media archiving technology in the public sector. ArchiveSocial enables more than 2,700 forward thinking government entities, law enforcement agencies, and K-12 school districts to openly and transparently communicate across social networking platforms, while ensuring legal protection and compliance with public records.

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