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How to Combat the Spread of Misinformation On Social Media

Social media has become the source of news and daily information for most. But anyone can knowingly or unknowingly spread a false narrative that can negatively impact the public and your agency’s reputation.

On September 14th, 2021, we chatted with Denise Shepherd, Georgia’s Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Resources Division Social Media & Communications Specialist, on how to stop misinformation from spreading on your social media pages; and how to be a source of fact instead of fiction. In this recorded webinar, Denise provides tips and tools on managing fake news and gaining better control over your pages. Learn the types of disinformation — from accidental to malicious — and the best steps you can take to identify misinformation, reduce confusion, and build trusted transparency.

In this webinar video, you’ll learn:

  • The challenges of misinformation and disinformation for your agency’s community & reputation
  • How to identify misinformation & distinguish hate speech from satire or commentary
  • Actionable steps to safeguard & help mitigate exposure to harmful disinformation risks on social media
  • The best tools and approaches to efficiently combat false & harmful narratives online

About the Speaker

Denise Shepherd headshot - social media and communications specialist

Denise Shepherd

Social Media & Communications Specialist – Georgia Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Resource Division

Denise is the Social Media & Communications Specialist for the Georgia Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Resource Division where she strives to improve wildlife agency communications with the public, bridging those gaps between complex ecological concepts and enjoying the outdoors responsibly. In her spare time, she enjoys all outdoor activities (especially herping, which is the act of searching for amphibians or reptiles) and training her cat, Leo.

Alix Bowman

Alix Bowman
VP of Customer, ArchiveSocial

Alix Bowman leads the CX team as VP of Customer at ArchiveSocial and is an expert on social media network operations. Alix has over 13 years of experience bringing groundbreaking strategies to life with sustainable concepts, development, and execution. She is an award-winning entrepreneur and startup strategist, who has been recognized on numerous occasions for her dedication, leadership, and ability to identify consumer needs.

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