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Panel Discussion: Engaging School Communities Through Social Media

No one was ready for the ambush that was 2020, and schools found themselves having to navigate an ever-changing landscape on all fronts. The silver lining? Social media. That’s right: let’s celebrate how schools used social media for good in 2021.

In this panel discussion, “Engaging school communities through social media – Inside tips from communicators”, we were joined by Sabrina Thomas, Supervisor of Technology Services for Clay County District Schools in Florida, and Kevin Fenlon, Media Technology Instructor, social media, and PR advisor, and motivational soccer coach at High Point Regional high school in Sussex, NJ. They discussed new ways to approach your district’s social media strategy, best practices they established that have helped their district grow their social media presence and find success, what they learned from COVID-19, how to consistently generate good content that engages your audiences, and how to keep your school safe online.

About the Panelists

Alix Bowman

Sabrina Thomas
Supervisor of Technology Services, Clay County District Schools, FL

Sabrina was a first-grade teacher for 12 years and an instructional technology teacher for a year, before transitioning to the Information and Technology Services Department in July of 2014. She enjoys her position in providing a bridge between the technology and instructional worlds and is a strong supporter of schools utilizing social media to tell the story of their school.

Alix Bowman

Kevin Fenlon
Media Technology Instructor, social media & PR Advisor, High Point Regional high school, NJ

Kevin is a Media Technology Instructor, social media and PR advisor, and motivational soccer coach at High Point Regional high school in Sussex, NJ. His media-savvy and background in audiovisual broadcast technology and social media instruction make him an ideal advisor for media and PR. He’s well-versed in reaching out to the community, promoting school spirit, and developing social media literacy for students, teachers, and staff.

Alix Bowman

Moderator: Alix Bowman
Director of Customer Experience, ArchiveSocial

Alix is the Director of Customer Experience at ArchiveSocial and an expert on social media network operations with over 13 years of experience bringing groundbreaking marketing strategies to life with sustainable concepts, development, and execution.

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