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Facing the Tough Questions: Maintaining an Open Dialogue on Social Media

Your agency’s response to tough questions can make the difference between fostering positive community engagement or contributing to negative public perception and lasting community resentment. So how can agencies and districts use transparency to address tough topics? How can you build trust when difficult questions are asked?

About the Speaker

Austin Ellington
Digital Communications Coordinator, City of Round Rock, Texas
Austin Ellington is the Digital Communications Coordinator at the City of Round Rock, Texas. Laser-focused on creating compelling content and developing strategies to not only reach but also effectively engage with the public, he considers himself to be a part-time public information officer, blogger, photographer, community engagement specialist, and sometimes government social media geek (oh wait, full-time on that last one).

Prior to joining the City of Round Rock, he held communications and marketing-related positions with The University of Texas System, the City of Austin, Texas and the Texas House of Representatives. He recently served as a Council Member for the Government Social Media Organization and regularly speaks as a thought leader on government social media strategy at state and national conferences.

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