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The First Open Social Media Archive for America’s First Social Media President

Obama White House

The Obama White House Social Media Archive

The First Open Social Media Archive for America’s First Social Media President

ArchiveSocial and the White House digital transition team have worked together to consolidate the social media records of the Obama presidency into a searchable public archive. This historic archive contains over 250,000 social media records from more than 100 official White House social media profiles, including the President’s @POTUS Twitter timeline, the official White House Facebook page, and the First Lady’s Instagram feed.

Why was this presidential administration archive created?

The archive aims to provide the general public with long-term access to high-fidelity records of the social media content generated by the Obama White House administration, like the Obama Twitter archive, regardless of changes that may occur on the original social networking platforms over time.

Who is ArchiveSocial?

ArchiveSocial works with thousands of government agencies and private companies to capture and archive information shared on social media. Our product helps public and private agencies comply with open records laws and similar regulatory guidelines. By connecting directly to the social networks, ArchiveSocial ensures complete, authentic, and in-context records of social media communications.

ArchiveSocial is proud to be working with President Obama’s digital transition team to capture the White House social media records of our first social media president and to make them available to the public. To read the full story of why we are working with the White House on this project and how it fulfills our mission to “Empower and Protect Open Dialogue,” visit our blog.

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White House Digital Transition Team

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Frequently Asked Questions

Obama Administration Social Media Archive FAQs

Why do social media records need to be archived?

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requires that records of federal government actions and communications be retained and made available to the public by request. The language of FOIA was written to be inclusive and future-proof, and covers all records “regardless of form or format,” which includes social media. Every state has some version of this law that applies to state and local records, and which is written with the same inclusive language. To see which public records laws apply in your state, go here.

Can’t we just find this information on the networks?

Social Networks such as Facebook and Twitter do not guarantee that they will maintain the information that is posted to their sites. Also, finding the information you need amongst the vast amount of data that exists on these networks can be both time consuming and challenging. This is particularly true if the post is more than a day or two old. Furthermore, content that gets deleted from the networks can’t be recovered without an archive in place.

What is ArchiveSocial’s relationship to the White House?

ArchiveSocial is a private, non-partisan company and our participation in this project is not an endorsement of any particular political party, platform, or administration. Our involvement with this project and the White House Digital Transition team should not be considered an endorsement of ArchiveSocial, or its products and services, by President Obama, the White House, the Executive Office of the President, or the National Archives.

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