You’ve asked, we’re answering. The development team is glad to announce the news that ArchiveSocial supports Vimeo!

Vimeo is the perfect video-sharing platform for all of your agency’s awesome high quality videos. After some hard work from the development team, ArchiveSocial now supports Vimeo with fully authentic and automated archiving. Your Vimeo videos and interactions can now be archived right alongside the rest of your social networks within one central platform.

ArchiveSocial Supports Vimeo

Our customers can get started with archiving Vimeo right away. Simply navigate to the Configure tab of our user interface and choose to connect a Vimeo account. As with all ArchiveSocial supported networks, we’ll retroactively collect your existing Vimeo history and continuously archive moving forward. Vimeo videos and interactions are secured with digital signatures, ensuring your records are 100% authentic.

Once you’ve added Vimeo to your social media archive, you’ll be able to instantly search for your video history within the same platform as the rest of your social media accounts. You’ll find all of the comments and comment replies right in your archive, saved and searchable for any compliance needs. Enjoy high quality PDF, Excel and CSV exports of your social media archive, at no extra cost.

Now get connected and start archiving Vimeo!

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Ready to give Vimeo a try but not an ArchiveSocial customer yet? ArchiveSocial gives you the power to archive your videos alongside all your other social networks, in one platform. Get started by sampling your archive or contacting us.

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