Do you know how many public records disappear from Facebook every month?

The volume might surprise you.

ArchiveSocial analyzed data from hundreds of public agency Facebook accounts and found that thousands of public records disappear every month. Agencies and citizens are deleting posts and comments all the time, erasing the records that could later on be important for fulfilling public records requests. If your public agency is relying on the networks to keep their social media records safe, your agency could be at risk.

Want to know more about those disappearing records and how to mitigate the risks of managing public records on social media?

This week, ArchiveSocial CEO Anil Chawla joined the InTransition podcast from ContentGroup for an engaging discussion about social media as a public record for government. InTransition is a weekly podcast discussing content marketing for the public sector. Social media is gaining ground as a tool for public agencies to communicate, so discussion around managing those records is growing too.

Anil’s interview hits all the key points that you need to know about why, how, and who should be archiving social media, including a shocking statistic about how many public records disappear from Facebook each month.

In this podcast episode, you can learn:

  • Why social media should be archived by governments as a public record
  • The regulatory requirements and legal reasons for archiving social media
  • How you convince risk-averse executives to try social  media
  • How many public records disappear from Facebook each month
  • How to manage risk on social media

Listen to and download this episode here. Find more episodes about content marketing for the public sector at contentgroup’s GovComms podcast.


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