We can’t believe it has been a whole year* since Alix first joined the ArchiveSocial team! We also can’t believe there are so many things we never thought to ask her until now. Read on to learn more about our Director of Customer Experience, including her thoughts on pants and how she really feels about being asked many random questions.

Alix at age 1.

Alix - wearer of pants, eater of oatmeal, age 1.

Alix, tell us your life story!

“Don’t ask me that! I’ve lived a lot of lives.”

Ok. Do you have any weird talents?

“I’m a surprisingly good whistler.”

Give us a song?

(Alix whistles a very recognizable “White Christmas”.)

You’ve lived a lot of places. Which is your favorite?

“New Orleans! It’s completely different from everywhere else – it’s funky and weird and tropical and there are so many interesting things going on and growing. They like a good party there, and so do I!”

If a wizard showed up and started turning people into animals, what animal would you like to be? 

“I would like to be a well taken care of dog.  Every day when I’m leaving the house and my dog is still in bed, sleeping in, just waiting for someone to feed him, I get jealous.”

Do you know any good jokes? Keep it clean.

“Two snowmen are standing together in a field, and one says to the other: ‘Funny, I keep smelling carrots, too!’ ”

Teach us how to be cool! What’s your favorite band?

“Don’t ask me that! Definitely not the counting crows.”

Hmm, sounds suspicious, but ok. What about your favorite food?

“I have to give you one sweet food, and one savory. For the sweet – anything with chocolate and almonds.  For the savory – a shrimp poboy.”

You seem to know what to do with the leafy things in the pots we see around the office. Good for you! What’s your favorite thing to grow?

“Dahlias! I love them so much. I wanted them at my wedding, but they weren’t in season. I also really love marigolds, which I did have at my wedding.”

Have your feelings on pants and oatmeal changed much over the years?

“Pants are practical, yet also inconvenient. They are a paradox. I like oatmeal.”

Riveting! Aside from all the free Mati, what do you like most about being part of the ArchiveSocial team?

“I really like my teammates – they’re a mix of fun personalities, and they’re smart people. I like working with smart people!”

And finally, we must think of the children. Any advice for the youth of the world?

“Stop taking yourself so darn seriously. Try more things. Don’t put off everything. Live for today. Don’t ask me that.”

*It’s actually been more like 18 months, but she went off to have a baby for some of it, so we’re pretending it’s only been a year.