In honor of her 1 year anniversary with the company, we chatted with the loveliest Software Engineer on the team, Pamela Ross, to get all the juicy details of her life! And we mean, JUICY!

Pamela Ross

I can has cheezburger?

So, Pam…what do you dig about working at ArchiveSocial?

“The team and all the customers. I like how much fun we have as a team, and how we’re always laughing. I also like that The Parlour [ice cream] is right across the street…and Only Burger is right down the block”.

After wiping drool from her chin, she continues…

“I also like that every week I can find at least one person in the office to go with me to Only Burger.”

How did you decide to become a Software Engineer? Was it temporary insanity?

“When I was in highschool, I always loved math and science – physics, calculus, etc. I always knew I wanted to be an engineer of some kind. When I went to college I saw the list of engineering programs, and I figured computers weren’t going away, so that’s the direction I went. My programming classes were my favorite, so here I am!”

What are three words that can be used to describe you (besides your first, middle and last name?)

“Determined, social, busy!”

Do you have any interesting hobbies? Please, no boring ones.

“I have lots. I do yoga, and I enjoy spending time with my dog, Saydi. I also enjoy making costumes for parties my friends and I put together, or Halloween. I like to drink wine, and I eat chocolate every day!” [nobody tell Pam that drinking wine and eating chocolate are not hobbies -ed.]

And, of course, you are a serious burger enthusiast.


Do you have any hidden talents, surprising “Pam facts”, or deep dark secrets?

“I can flex my arms out and make my elbows touch! And some people find it surprising that I have lived in five different states.”

Which ones? Don’t lie. We’ll know.

“New York, Texas, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, and NC.”

Do you have advice for people who are interested in joining a startup environment? Or becoming a Software Engineer?

“Be prepared to work! And regarding Software Engineering…if the moment that something you are programming finally works isn’t THE BEST feeling you’d ever had, you are in the wrong business.”

So that moment should be better than, say, biting into a delicious burger?


More fun facts about Pam:

Favorite Color – Teal
Favorite Music – “Anything really, except country. I’m really in to this band called ‘Glass Animals’ right now.”
Favorite Movie – “It’s hard to pick one, but I like romantic comedies.”
Favorite Book – Pam wouldn’t say, but we think it’s the phone book.