Fridays at ArchiveSocial include team lunches, Show and Tell where we showcase an exciting project from a team, and Rebecca Black’s “Friday” on heavy rotation. But on Friday, July 19, we took a break from our regular routine for two reasons – to hold our Q3 kick off and to give back to our community by volunteering at the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina.

After spending the morning reviewing the key initiatives for the next 3 months, the entire ArchiveSocial team dedicated their afternoon to helping out at the food bank to help fight food scarcity and hunger in our area.

“The idea that food isn’t readily available to all of our neighbors and members of our community is unacceptable,” said ArchiveSocial founder and CEO, Anil Chawla. “We are committed as an organization to improve the lives of those around us and volunteering at the Food Bank is one way we give back.”

We sang along to music from the ’90s and competed in a spontaneous box packing competition while helping the Food Bank pursue its ongoing mission: No One Goes Hungry in Central & Eastern North Carolina. After 3 hours of work, the team had sorted 32,400 pounds of food into 1,200 boxes, creating 27,000 meals to feed senior citizens across the 34 North Carolina counties the Food Bank supports. The organization relies on the donations of farmers, grocery stores, and private citizens to feed the estimated 600,000 North Carolinians that struggle to afford food.

Additionally, the Food Bank is a regular beneficiary of other fundraising events at ArchiveSocial. Most recently, the team held a fundraiser on Pie Day (3/14). To raise funds, 6 jars were placed out – one for each member of the leadership team – for donations to be placed. At the end of the day, the leader with the most money in their jar got a full whipped cream pie in their face. Bob, our COO, gladly lost (or won) with over $3,000 raised for the Food Bank.

ArchiveSocial Pie Day

If you’re interested in helping us fight food scarcity and hunger in North Carolina or if you’d like more information about the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina, please visit their website at