DURHAM, N.C., Nov. 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — ArchiveSocial, the leading provider of social media archiving software for government entities, law enforcement agencies, and K-12 school districts, reported a 44% YTD increase of daily social media records in their archive of over 300 million records.

The events of 2020 have displayed more than ever that we need clear, engaging, and reliable information from our public officials. Public communicators have turned to social media for this and increasingly to ArchiveSocial to help them stay compliant with public records laws, mitigate risk, and simplify records requests.

“Social media networks enable two-way communication at an unprecedented scale, but they were built for private citizens and not public entities who need to communicate “on the record.” Combine these real holes in compliance with the fact that most public entities usually only have one or two professionals managing their entire 24/7 social media presence, and there is a significant risk of employee burnout, missed information, and costly lawsuits,” said Ray Carey, ArchiveSocial CEO.

When it comes to the relentless online news cycle, public communicators are first responders. And this year has sent the volume of social media dialog into overdrive. With reliable archiving software in place, public entities have the ability to capture content on every page as it happens, even if it’s been edited or deleted. ArchiveSocial has found that there is a 1 in 12 chance of permanently losing a social media record without an archiving solution in place.

ArchiveSocial’s advanced product suite, including Risk Management & Analytics (RMA) and Web Snapshots, have also seen tremendous growth, with Web Snapshots capturing over 360,000 website pages per day and RMA subscriptions doubling over the same timeframe. These tools further allow public entities to mitigate risks the moment they happen across their entire social media presence through automated monitoring and alerts.

In addition to record growth, the company now protects over 5,000 agencies who utilize ArchiveSocial daily for centralized control.

About ArchiveSocial
ArchiveSocial works with government and law enforcement agencies, school districts, and private companies to capture and archive information shared on social media. The company helps public and private agencies comply with record-keeping regulations and mitigate risk online. ArchiveSocial connects directly to social networks, ensuring complete, authentic, and in-context records. For more information, please visit ArchiveSocial.com.

Contact: Megan Ingros, ArchiveSocial, megan.ingros@archivesocial.com