We’re excited to announce that ArchiveSocial now supports Periscope!

Periscope enables you to share what’s going on in your agency as it’s happening through live videos. Periscope live streams, called “broadcasts,” allow viewers to engage directly with you in real time. Live streaming has grown significantly in the past year, with more than 200 million Periscope broadcasts created since its launch in 2015.

Thanks to some hard work from our development team, ArchiveSocial now supports Periscope broadcasts with fully authentic and automated archiving. Your Periscope videos, along with comments and reactions, can now be archived right alongside the rest of your social networks within one central platform.

There is no need to connect Periscope separately. When you use Periscope through a Twitter account that’s connected to your archive, we’ll automatically capture the broadcast and the comments. As long as you are archiving the Twitter account you use for your Periscope app, you will be able to replay the video in your archive, search the comments, and receive alerts on those comments (with RMA enabled). Periscope broadcasts and interactions are also secured with digital signatures, ensuring your records are 100% authentic.

This is just one of many features and enhancements we’ve added to ArchiveSocial based on feedback from our customers. For more information on all the networks ArchiveSocial supports, visit archivesocial.com.

Now get connected and start archiving Periscope!

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