Social media has gone through some major changes this year, from the introduction of Facebook Live to the end of Vine. 2016 has been a busy year here at ArchiveSocial, too. As social media continues to evolve, we’ve been improving our product to meet the changing demands and provide our customers with the best solution for their social media archiving needs.

As the year comes to a close, we wanted to take a moment to tell you about all of the major product updates we’ve made in 2016. These updates fall into three categories: network support, integrations, and records management.

Expanded Network Support

First up, we’ll take a look at three network support enhancements from this year.


Thanks to some hard work from our development team, ArchiveSocial now supports Periscope live streaming videos. There’s no need to connect your Periscope account separately. When you use Periscope through a Twitter account that’s connected to your archive, we’ll automatically capture the broadcast. Then, you’ll be able to replay the video in your archive, search the comments, and receive alerts on those comments (with RMA enabled).


We also introduced Vimeo archiving this year. Once you’ve connected your Vimeo account to your social media archive, you’ll be able to search your video history within the platform. You’ll find all of the comments and comment replies right in your archive, saved and searchable for any compliance needs.

Facebook Live

To allow users to further embrace video content on social media, we also archive Facebook Live streams. As long as you are archiving your Facebook account, your Facebook Live videos will automatically be stored in your archive once they’ve ended.

New Partner Integrations

We also have two new integrations this year to provide customers with the option of comprehensive archiving beyond social media.

Microsoft Office 365

Many agencies are already archiving emails using third-party systems such as Office 365. Rather than having to turn to several different archives to find all your records, ArchiveSocial can integrate with your existing Office 365 archiving program. This gives you ability to easily search all of your social media records within the Office 365 interface and have everything in one place.

Unified Archiving with Micro Focus Retain

ArchiveSocial has teamed up with Micro Focus Retain to allow users access to comprehensive archiving of all business communications, including social media, emails and text messages. In addition to our social media archiving, Micro Focus Retain provides email archiving for Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, and Gmail, as well as stores mobile device communication data for Android, BlackBerry, and iOS.

Enhanced Records Management

We’ve also improved records management for ArchiveSocial users.

Record Tagging

Customers now have the ability to add or remove tags to individual records in their archive. This function gives users an easy way to keep up with various types of records such as deleted or hidden posts, crime tips, record request case numbers, etc. It’s also helpful for creating content-based retention rules and organizing records you might need to retrieve.

Retention Rules for SEC Compliance

Additionally, we enable users to set permanent, minimum retention periods for records. This ensures true SEC compliance for our financial services customers, since an account administrator would not be able to reduce the retention of content. This enhances the fully customizable retention rules we enabled for users in 2015, which allow agencies to dispose of records according to their local schedules.

Better Than Ever Exports

We made several improvements to the way we organize and display information in exports. Users can now see an entire conversation thread in their archive with highlighted search results. No other solution provides this level of context for archived social posts, making our revamped export a game changer for understanding your records.

We also introduced the ability to schedule recurring data exports. This feature allows customers to receive regular exports of their archives via email. Users can also schedule these exports from certain search terms, which allows them to be more specific.

Refined User Roles

Account status and record volume reports are available to all customers. These reports give users a complete sense of which accounts are connected to their archive as well as how many records they have at any given time. Additionally, the new read-only administrator permission offers access for members of your agency to view records without being able to make changes to the archive.

We have even more great advancements in store for 2017. Stay tuned!

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