In a recent GovernmentTechnology Webinar, we heard from two government records experts on how social media laws for government work.

Julie Tappendorf, Equity Partner at Ancel Glink Diamond Bush DiCianni & Krafthefer, P.C. and  Jennifer Cowan, Local Government Attorney at Lewis, Longman & Walker joined us for another edition of GovTech Academy.
Social Media Laws for Government - Trainers

Social Media Laws for Government

Here’s a quick taste of the webinar – you’ll have to watch the whole thing for yourself to get all the juicy details.

Social Media Challenges for Gov
Jennifer Cowan kicked things off by getting into the details of the big challenges facing social media for government. While her clients are easily able to identify the pros of using social media for government – broad reach, young audience, fast, cheap, and easy – the cons are what she’s covering today.




Your Government Social Media Law Take Home Tips

Importance of a Social Media Policy

Julie Tappendorf followed up with some great ‘take home tips’ for the audience. She highlighted the importance of a strong social media policy to guide your team in managing a social media page and to ensure your agency complies with public records law. This part of the webinar is jam packed with tips.

  1. Social media content may be a public record.
  2. Be careful not to “Censor” comments.
  3. Create content to avoid copyright violations.
  4. Don’t put the intern in charge.
  5. Adopt a social media policy to set guidelines for moderating comments, records retention, and employee usage.
  6. Employees will behave badly on social media.

Watch the webinar for more bonus tips, as well as stories and examples of legal cases that backup the importance of these tips.

Are you enforcing your social media policy?

Listen to the webinar to hear more from these legal experts and brush up what you need to know about social media records for government.

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