It’s late November, which means it’s time to slow down and reflect on all the amazing events and gifts of the last year, and we at ArchiveSocial have so much to be thankful for this year. Here are just a few of those things:

New Customers!

It is pretty humbling when we think about all the good our customers have been able to accomplish to build stronger relationships through social media. In line with our mission to empower and protect open dialogue, the role we play in helping our customers alleviate concerns around compliance is a contribution we’re proud of and grateful to have the opportunity to help positively impact communities. By helping government communicators and educators remain compliant, they can more readily realize these benefits. In Augusta, Maine, social media has led to a safer community. In Cascade School District No. 5, Oregon, social media has led to more families moving into the district. 

And just last week, we won the Industry Driven award for our impact in the government-industry at the NC Tech awards!

“I am thankful to come to work every day knowing I make a difference in making government more accessible. ” -Brittany Dervan


All We Have Learned!

With over 20 webinars on the books for this year which brought in over 11,500 registrants, we learned about the strategies and lessons learned from some of the government’s most successful social media managers. Lauren Oxford of Gilbert, AZ taught us how to master Instagram Stories, while we learned about archiving on Nextdoor with Joseph Porcelli. This year has us more excited than ever to put everything we learned into action. 

“Thankful to be surrounded by people who are willing to share experiences, teach me things and learn more together.” -Snehal Bhagwat

Leveling Up the Team!

Our team has grown to 73 strong, with new team members in all of our departments! Most notably, we welcomed our new CEO, Ray Carey who is getting involved in the fun and focusing on ways to help our customers and company thrive. We celebrated the season together this week over Lobster Rolls brought in by our CEO’s family’s restaurant, Kelly’s Roast Beef. Side note- It tasted amazing.

“I’m thankful for a CEO that brings in clam chowdah and lobstah rolls for potluck!!!!” -Kristina Wolinski (An enthusiastic Bostonian)

The Real Things

As one of our customer experience managers stated: 

“I’m thankful for having the means to enjoy a great meal with my wife and family.” -Forrest Boaz

As with the holiday season, we get a little nostalgic and start to slow down to reflect. But with a few more weeks in the year and next year looking bright, we can’t slow down too much. There are still so many more lessons to be learned and so much more fun to be had! 

Happy Thanksgiving!  


ArchiveSocial Team