They Like Us! They Really Like Us!

Last night, we joined over 700 other members of the North Carolina tech community at the Raleigh Convention Center and waited anxiously for an awards ceremony to begin. Filled with nervous excitement, we waited until a very specific category was announced. 

Earlier this year, we were ecstatic to learn we were nominated for the NCTech Awards Technology Corporate Award Winners in the Industry Driven category. This award is given to: 

“A technology company that has developed a product or solution for a specific industry (e.g. accounting, healthcare, real estate, retail, legal, etc.) and has made a notable impact to the betterment of that industry.”

 We were honored to be nominated in this category. And shortly before 8 pm, we found out WE WON! ArchiveSocial history was made, especially when our Director of Sales, Issac Kikuki, did this:


And our Founder and Executive Chairman, Anil Chawla, did this:


And we’re all thrilled, honored and excited to be recognized with the other leaders in our space. If you’d like to see the other winners, you can click here and if you’d like to read more about the NCTech Awards, you can click here

Until then, I’ll be joining my colleagues as we share champagne and congratulations.

Anil accepting the industry driven award at the NCTech Banquet NCTech Banquet Industry Driven Award ArchiveSocial Team at the NCTech Banquet